Opened in 1905 after over a decade of planning and construction, Lincoln Park (then known as West Side Park) immediately became--and, to this day, remains--the largest county park in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Bordered by Duncan Avenue (to the north), Communipaw Avenue (to the south), The Hackensack River (to the west), and various streets on its staggered northern edge--with a grand prominade at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and John F Kennedy Boulevard--it comprises over 275 acres of ponds, trails, preserves, golf courses, tennis courts, athletic fields, and more.

Designed by Daniel W Langton and Charles N Lowry--founding members of The American Society Of Landscape Architects--Lincoln Park is a stunning example of urban park design in general and the early 20th century's City Beautiful movement in particular.

For more information about this treasured destination, please visit Lincoln Park's Wikipedia page HERE.


The Lincoln Park district is located on the west side of Jersey City, bounded by: Bergen Avenue to the east; Westside Avenue to the west; Montgomery Street to the north; and Harrison Avenue to the south; with Kennedy Boulevard cutting straight through its middle, as its main thoroughfare.

Generally considered Jersey City's most architecturally diverse neighborhood, the district began to flower in the 1890s (as demonstrated by its multiple examples of Victorian grandeur) and continued to prosper for decades, with waves of Edwardian, Art Deco, and Romantic Revival construction evident to this day. 

The district--officially designated as "historic" by the presiding city council in June of 2015--borders Journal Square, offering 24-hour mass-transit access to New York City, plus an ever-increasing array of services, attractions, and conveniences.


For decades, the Lincoln Park district has attracted artists, bohemians, new families, and young professionals. Recently, this slow but steady influx has reached a fever pitch, with people relocating to the district from Manhattan, Hoboken, and throughout the NYC metropolitan area--people who crave more space, more history, and a greater sense of community.

To facilitate awareness and appreciation of this terrific neighborhood, some of us--both long-time residents and glad-to-be-here newcomers--got together and created this website as a one-stop shoppe for updates and information.